Niagara Power

Never have I experienced the power of nature, more strongly to my core, than when we visited Niagara Falls in January 2019.

It was night when my sister’s family, Ricky and I arrived at our Airbnb in Niagara. We had just driven from Ottawa and were exhausted yet ,somehow, we were also buzzing with excitement. After unpacking, we hopped straight back into the car and drove through the Vegas-like streets to the edge of the falls.

Breathtaking was an understatement. The night was freezing and windy (it was, after all, the middle of winter) but it was not the icy air that took our breath away. As we approached the railing we were soon overcome with fear and awe at 1. how close the falls were to the low standing railings and 2. the size and magnificent power of the thousands of tons of water falling 52 metres below. There’s not many words to describe what you feel standing here but “overpowered” and “awestruck” come to mind.

3,160 tons of water gush over the falls every second. That fact in itself in incomprehensible and seeing it for yourself is still overwhelming. The beauty of seeing the falls at night was that a light show lit them up in multiple colours which added a certain magic to the experience.

The next day we spent a lot of time at the falls too and were hit with the spray so violently as it froze in the air before hitting us. I don’t think I had felt more frozen solid in my life! Our jackets looked wet but when we retreated indoors we found they were only appearing to be wet and were actually frozen solid! There are pro’s and cons to visiting Niagara in winter time. The biggest con is that it’s really bloody cold. However, this means that there is almost no one else around, so getting to the best spots for photos is hardly a challenge. You just want to make sure you are rugged up and have a face buff or two!

There are short to no wait times for attractions, rides and restaurants but keep in mind some are closed during the winter months. If you are planning on visiting, I would check what activities you really want to do and make sure they are open, otherwise you might want to pick another time of year. In saying this, I would imagine we would have missed out on equal amount of experiences if there were the crowds present that flood the streets in the warmer months anyway. I think that the tourism industry in Niagara is conscious of winter-time travellers, like ourselves, and do a great job of catering for them. There are indoor heated water parks, a butterfly sanctuary (which is a great escape from the cold temperatures outside) and Clifton Hill in Downtown Niagara that is filled with countless exciting attractions.

Honestly, seeing the falls themselves was the most impacting experience of my time there and was entirely worth braving the cold for.

Have you been to Niagara Falls? What was your own experience like there? Let us know in the comments!

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