Our Top Tips for Time Management

People often get confused as to why we don’t post immediately after taking photos, post more of our photos, or why we continue to post photos of Canada when we are in Australia (for example).

Aside from Canada being just stunning all of the time and there never really being a bad time to see a photo of the mountains, there are a couple of reasons for this.

See? Canada is STUNNING!

See? Canada is STUNNING!

The first is this: as photographers, the end product of a photo is a piece of art and art takes time. It cannot be rushed. It can sometimes take weeks, even months, before we are even satisfied with a final edit of a single photo.

We want our photos to tell you the story of how we felt in that moment as accurately as possible.

Our visual perspective combined with our emotional reaction all goes into the final edit. Ultimately, quality comes before quantity. We’re not going to post something that doesn’t meet these standards, just for the sake of making a post. We also don’t feel the need to post everything we see, do or create.

On top of this, we are intentional with our time so we will not be posting all of the photos we take on a trip in the days following after. We set time aside to do our posting. We strive to make sure this time does not interfere with family, each other or more important or pressing matters. If no such time exists on a given day, then there will be no post. As simple as that. People must always come first. (Let’s hear it for #latergram!)

We must ALSO balance these two points with consistency, because, well, that’s what the people want! It’s something we haven’t nailed just yet but are striving towards. It is a balancing act and something we are continuously pushing ourselves to be better at.

Here is one of our BIGGEST tips, specifically for photography and time management:

Plan your trip!

You’ll probably see signs of this along the side of the highways when you are heading out on the road, so this should be easy to remember for photography too! Here are our steps of planning an intentional trip:

Family/Friend Time or Photography?

Decide early on whether or not your road-trip this weekend is going to be for spending time with family (or chosen family aka: friends) or if you need some serious snap time (photography!).

  1. Family/Friends

    If you are going with family or friends, make them the priority. This is not to say you won’t get photos along the way (spontaneity often produces the best photos, after all!) but choose to remain mindful that your focus is to be on people during that time. Don’t spend hours trying to get the perfect shot. Save that for…

  2. Snap Time!

    Are you wanting specific shots? Alright! Set yourself a day or two with photography at the focus. This time is just for you and the camera. Have a couple of main shots in mind that you definitely want or need and then leave room for creativity. Family wants to join? You might just have to make it clear that this time is just for you, but that you will set some time aside to spend with just them later on.

If you have photographers in your family or amongst your friends, don’t be offended if they don’t invite you on their adventures. They probably would rather give you their full attention and not be behind a camera when you’re around!


We often know when we are capturing something for Instagram, a client or for a print, for example, and focus ourselves for those purposes during shooting.

Create categories for your own style of photography to help you save time during both the shooting and the editing processes. When you see an inspiring scene you can decide what category you would like the photo to fall into and then set yourself up with your predetermined requirements and settings for it.

This will help you focus and utilise the time you have.

Your time is valuable, so it’s important to continuously check in on how you are spending it. Being intentional and setting disciplines for yourself can set you up for success in both your photography AND relationships. 

Got any questions? Is there something you’d like us to cover? 

Drop them below in the comments!