Local Laundry

Local Laundry is the perfect example of the heart of Calgary’s small business community. They work alongside multiple charities and other local businesses to create a brand that gives back, tells people’s stories and has a positive impact on the community around them. The diversity of this brand is a creative’s wonderland. They have their own inspiring story to tell but also choose to share other’s stories too. We have had the pleasure of capturing the brand in several different settings and been able tell their story through many different editing techniques. Below is a sample of these. Notice the different moods in the edits. What kind of narratives do they tell you?

*Featuring Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co, CHRC, Amaranth and Heartprint Threads.*

**Appearances from Devin Sidwell, Connor Curran, Brendan Klatt, Jessica Hayden, Wasif Mahmood and Ricky Robinson.**

Local Laundry and CHRC.jpg
Local Laundry and CHRC-28.jpg
Cascade Ponds Picnic-17.jpg
Cascade Ponds Picnic-16.jpg
Cascade Ponds Picnic-23.jpg
Cascade Ponds Picnic-22.jpg